handmade artisan natural soaps Olivary F

Experience the difference

Deceptively scented, this revitalising soap bar is loaded with natural glycerine to keep your paws sensationally soft. Lightly textured with bark powder for mild exfoliation. 


  • Aroma profile: light breezy freshness with a hint of floral 
  • Lather profile: generously foamy; mildly exfoliating
  • Ideal for: post-workout, post-gardening, post-office

Wet Dog

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  • The gentle citrus notes are beautifully balanced by a subtle floral touch. The result is delightfully restorative, even energising. Go fetch!

    • Aroma profile: fresh, green, citrus, floral
    • Ideal for:  men, women, bath & shower
    • Skin types: normal to dry
    • Perfect gift for: Anyone who has splashed through a puddle or run after a ball