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Classic Australian essential oils combined in this scented soap bar capture the energising sensation of waking at dawn on a sunlit ridge of the Blue Mountains only to find a marsupial poking its head into your tent. Lather up and feel alive.


  • Origin: Australian native flora
  • Aroma profile: fresh, bright, citrus 
  • Lather profile: generously foamy even in hard water
  • Ideal for: face, beards, bodies, sleepy-heads

Kangaroo Breath

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  • Australian superfine olive clay is renown for drawing out impurities in the skin. We have combined those qualities with a blend of exquisitely aromatic essential oils distilled from sustainably-sourced Australian native plants to create a natural soap bar having a bright clear lemony scent with a herbaceous, almost medicinal quality.

    • Origin: Australian native flora
    • Aroma profile:  fresh clean citrussy camphorous
    • Ideal for:  face, beards, bodies, sleepyheads
    • Skin types: normal, oily, blemished
    • Perfect gift for: bushwalkers, gardeners, lovers of the great outdoors