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Bury your nose in this Hippy's Armpit and be swept away by the rich exotic aroma of Indonesian patchouli oil aged to perfection. This moisturising bar of memories half-remembered is packed with natural glycerine that aids skin suppleness. A triple dose of botanical butters ensures an smooth glide for razors.


  • Origin: Indonesian dark, aged patchouli 
  • Aroma profile:  rich earthy spice
  • Lather profile: copious stable foam even in hard water
  • Ideal for:  face, body, shaving, long weekends


Hippy's Armpit

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  • We've sourced our richly fragrant dark patchouli oil from Indonesia where it is obtained by steam distilled of the Pogestemon cablin leaf. This small tropical shrub grows well in Southeast Asia and has been cultivated for centuries for use in perfume and alternative medicine. 

    • Origin: Indonesian dark, aged patchouli
    • Aroma profile:  rich warm earthy spice
    • Ideal for:  face, body, bath & shower, shaving
    • Skin types: sensitive, dry, normal, oily.
    • Perfect gift for: Anyone who has danced in a field, owns tie-dyed clothing, or appreciates a deep exotic aroma.