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This wonderfully bold smokey charcoal soap evokes reveries in all who inhale the aroma. Reminiscent of Finnish saunas, malt whisky, pipe tobacco, Lapsang Souchong tea...it's definitely a Proustian experience. Fine particles of activated charcoal adsorb odours and give a mild exfoliation, while the blend of exotic butters do their best to protect your sensitive skin.


  • Aroma profile: wood smoke
  • Lather profile: mildly exfoliating
  • Ideal for: face and body. 
  • Skin types: blemished, prone to dryness


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  • Activated charcoal grabs odours, oils, and removes them from the skin surface. It is a perfect ingredient in soap for active people. 

    • Aroma profile:  wood smoke
    • Ideal for:  hand washing after chopping onions or changing the oil filter
    • Skin types: sensitive, blemished
    • Perfect gift for: The adventurous. The nostalgic. Those of us who look forward to autumn