Frequently asked questions


How much does delivery cost?

For destinations within the UK, there is a £5.00 flat rate charge for postage and packaging of small parcels up to 2kg in weight. There is free postage in the UK for orders over £50. Delivery to countries outside the UK can be arranged. Please get in touch at contact@olivaryfinesoaps.com

How can I track my parcel?

You can check the progress of your delivery at: www.royalmail.com/track-your-item You will need your reference number which is between 9 and 27 characters long and should be on your order confirmation or invoice.

Which delivery company do you use?

The Royal Mail postal service is used to deliver our parcels to you. For peace of mind, all deliveries are made by Royal Mail Tracked 48 so that you can track your parcel's progress, and receive notification. Royal Mail Tracked 48 has a delivery aim of two to three working days for over 94% of UK postcodes You can check the progress of your delivery at: www.royalmail.com/track-your-item Your reference number is between 9 and 27 characters long. Check your order confirmation or invoice for this number.

When will my parcel arrive?

Royal Mail Tracked 48 has a delivery aim of two to three working days for over 94% of UK postcodes. You can check the progress of your delivery at: www.royalmail.com/track-your-item Deliveries by Royal Mail occur Monday to Saturday. They don't usually deliver on bank public and local holidays. Covid-19 could potentially slow services due to staff shortages, but this problem is not limited to the Royal Mail.

What happens if the parcel has been damaged?

We do our best to package your soaps carefully so they arrive in tip top condition, but in the unlikely event that they arrive damaged, please send photos of your parcel and email them to us immediately at: contact@olivaryfinesoaps.com Such an event would be dealt with on a case by case basis.

Can I return my parcel for a refund?

Our soaps are handmade in small batches from natural ingredients which means that some small variations in appearance are to be expected. If however you are unhappy with any of our products please return them within 14 working days from delivery. For further instructions, please read: https://www.olivaryfinesoaps.com/delivery-returns

Members' Area

Can anyone else see my private details?

No. All your details remain private and can only be viewed by the person who created the account.

Using soap bars

Are soap bars hygienic?

Soap bars are safe to share and have not been found to transmit microbes from one person to another. Many people choose to have their own personal bars, due to scent or texture preferences.

Can I use your soap as a shampoo?

It depends on your water supply. "Hard" water has a high mineral content. Our soaps will lather extremely well in this water but should not be used as a shampoo. "Soft" water eg rain water, has a low mineral content, and some customers living in these regions have reported excellent results using our soaps as shampoo. Natural soap combines with minerals in the water and a deposit can be left on your hair, making it dull, feeling like straw, and hard to handle. No one needs that.

Will your soap lather well?

Yes. Very well. The choice of oils determines the success of a bar of natural handmade soap. Several botanical oils are known for creating foam and bubbles. The balance of oils used, the formulation, creates the properties of a soap bar. Olivary Fine Soaps have been formulated to provide the best balance of desirable qualities- frothy; soothing; aromatic; gentle...see for yourself what our customers say. Although bubbles are not technically required to clean a surface, we love bubbles, and want to see and feel them!

Do Olivary's soap bars split and get black lines?

No. Splitting of soap bars typically happens to soap made from "soap noodles" which are industrially-made shreds of soap. The noodles are churned, and then fed through rollers (which is what "milled" means) a number of times ("triple-milled") which mixes the noodles with colour, perfume, chelating agents and whatever else might be added. The viscous mixture is then extruded, cut, stamped and packaged. When such soap ages and starts to fall apart, it splits, and dirt gathers in the cracks. It looks hideous. Olivary Fine Soaps do not split or crack. They remain gorgeous as they dissolve with use.