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   Putting the Art into Artisanal   

The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life.

William Morris

Our philosophy is that life is too short not to embrace every opportunity for contentment. To take pleasure in the small moments. To allow the imagination to wander.

It's well known that aroma connects the present with the past.  Olivary's soap bars have been carefully formulated to take you on that Proustian journey.


Lather up and be transported.

Our Production

All Olivary's soaps are handmade in one small workshop in the UK. 

Creation starts when an aroma sparks a memory, or a name inspires a scent. Either way, there is a fair bit of experimentation and testing going on in that workshop, before a new soap bar is released into the wild.

Soap results from a combining oils with alkali, and the brew is scented with essential oils. As the largest percentage present,the qualities of the resulting bar is very much due to the oils used. 

Excellent oils, in the right combination, yield excellent soaps, if you know what you are doing.

Olivary soap bars do not contain animal products, any type of palm oil, or essential oils from endangered plants. Ethical choices result in higher-priced ingredients; such is the price of integrity.

Olivary's Soapmaker-in-Chief is a highly trained artisan, with a Diploma of Cosmetic Science and she is a Member of the Society Of Cosmetic Science. 

So you can be sure that imagination is combined with expertise.

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