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About Olivary Fine Soaps

   Excellence is a choice   

Olivary Fine Soaps brings a fresh modern twist to artisan soap making, with evocative names describing our unique blends of essential oils that scent authentic natural soap bars made from honest to goodness 100% natural ingredients you can trust. 

We don't believe in exploiting our natural resources, and choose not to use palm oil in any of our soap bars.  Our packaging is compostable. Our soaps do not poison our waterways, nor litter our oceans with plastic waste. Vegans can use our handmade soap bars safe in the knowledge that all our products are cruelty-free and never contain any animal products.

Olivary does believe in joy. And kindness.  And by striving for excellence in all we do and make, we aim to bring a little joy to our customers, and kindness to their skin. 

​All our soaps are handmade from high quality ingredients according to formulations devised by our cosmetic science diploma-holding artisanal soapmaker and which have been safety-checked according to consumer law. The ingredients are listed in common terms as well as the INCI nomenclature demanded by law. This includes any allergens (which are normally the aromatic components found in essential oils). These steps are taken with your well-being in mind. We do our utmost to ensure you have a wonderful experience when using your Olivary Fine Soaps.

Welcome to our world of natural handmade artisan soap. We are glad you are here.  Join our mailing list and be first to hear of Olivary's new products and offers. 

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